Metal Underground reviews Inalienalbe:

I think one of the benefits of labeling yourself as an “alternative” rock band is that basically, you can play any damn thing you want. You can defy the rock and metal genre, adding in acoustic guitars, funky bass lines and orchestral sounds — provided you’ve got the playing and writing chops to back it all up.

On their first full-length album, “Inalienable,” Cerebellion shows off those chops to incredible effect. It didn’t come as much of a surprise to me that the band listed outfits like Tool and Led Zeppelin as their primary influences. It comes through in the tight-but-loose feel of every song, with the band never losing step, even as the tunes take all manner of unexpected twists and turns. It’s also not surprising to hear that the tunes were essentially written during jam sessions, given their incredibly organic feel.

Guitarist John Arnold, bassist Marc Battung and drummer Jimmy Schultz are a… Read the full review here

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