As many of you have probably seen at this point, Cerebellion has begun a search for a new drummer. We know this raises some questions about Jimmy and we wanted to take this opportunity to explain how this mutual decision came about.

We’ve been playing with Jimmy for many years now and throughout that time, he has always been extremely generous in lending his time and incredible skills to many different bands simultaneously. If it wasn’t for this fact we would have never gotten the opportunity to play with Jimmy ourselves. In fact, as legend would have it, Joe first met Jimmy at a show he was doing with his band Cheva. Joe was thoroughly blown away by what he had seen (you know what we’re talking about here). So Joe approached Jimmy after the show and asked “Do you know of any drummers like you?” By the end of the conversation, Jimmy had offered his services to fill in for us. There was always a mutual understanding that Jimmy loved to play in multiple bands. He enjoys the diversity of the music, the people, and the experiences…and who’s to blame him? If any of us could remember the songs of 9 bands at one time and flawlessly dominate each show, often without a rehearsal, we probably would too.

Cerebellion’s current mindset is one of expansion. Our goal is to take our music and energy to as many places as possible in as little time as possible. We want to hit the road and play for all of you who haven’t gotten a chance to experience our shows because of geography. After much pondering, we realized that our goals called for someone who could solely dedicate their time to this project…thus our current drummer search.

I don’t think we can say this enough but Jimmy is like a brother to all of us. If you ask anyone who has ever played with or knows Jimmy, we/they cannot speak more highly of anyone on a personal or musical level. Case in point is him offering to continue rocking the stage with us in this time of transition. Jimmy’s musical aspirations are as pure as they come. He wants to play the music that he wants to play with the people he wants to play with. It has been an honor and a privilege to call Jimmy our drummer for all these years. Our lives are enriched for knowing him and we love Jimmy. We’d be remiss not to also mention and thank Jimmy’s lovely wife, Candace for her undying and passionate support for Jimmy and Cerebellion.

From Jimmy:
“John, Joe & Marc are like my brothers & I love them to death. At this time, Cerebellion needs & deserves a drummer who can dedicate themselves 100% to the band. And as you all know, I have a lot of projects going on right now & I can’t give them the dedication they deserve. I’ve had a great time during my tenure with Cerebellion & will continue to do so as I will still be playing with them until they find a permanent Drummer. I only wish the best for them & hope they find a drummer that can help Cerebellion take it to the next level & beyond. Until then, I’ll see you all at the next show! :)”

We hope this answers your questions in regards to our standing with Jimmy. He will always be a part of the Cerebellion, but more importantly a part of our family. And as always we wish him great success.

– Cerebellion

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