Pre-production (sometimes called “pre-pro” for short), which is the process by which artists write and record songs as demo versions with perhaps lower quality gear than one would for an official studio production, wraps for Cerebellion at the end of December 2018. The band has been recording all the new songs in pre-pro on Logic Pro X with Superior Drummer and the songs are sounding really good! Without giving too much away, it’s heavy! Per capita, it’s heavier than Regeneration, and there’s definitely some cool riffery on display! There is still a lot of work to do as the band races towards the finish but the camp is feeling good about where things are at the moment. In January 2019, the band will rehearse the songs and make final revisions to the songs. Cerebellion enters Ecks Studios in Corona in early February 2019 to start officially recording the album. This is the album production phase, which includes tracking, mixing, and mastering, all which will be handled by Chris Eck and Cerebellion. There is no release date yet but Cerebellion is shooting for a summer 2019 release after an involved yet fun promotional campaign. There will be an extensive tour to follow! That’s where it’s at right now. Sign up to the fan email list to get end-of-the-month updates on the entire process! Thank you for staying with us!