Hi Everybody,
I wanted to let all of you, our awesome fans, know that Project1 is no more. From this point forward we will be creating music under the name CEREBELLION. Ha-ha and you thought I was going to say we were calling it quits.

Yes we are still going strong getting ready to push out this new album but we were thinking how we could possibly make any more work for ourselves… thus the new name, new website, and upcoming new logo and art. But in all seriousness we feel this name more closely reflects our current mindset both musically and personally. As I am sure you have seen from some of the various sites, we are slowly updating all of our current web content including our main webpage. This is a slightly slow process so we want to thank everyone for baring with us but know that these changes are not going to effect the release of the album in any way. We are actually so close to finishing the album I can nearly taste it. Also I will be cancelling the Project1 Facebook and MySpace pages so please add yourselves as fans of the new Cerebellion pages. You can find these pages by seaching the name Cerebellion on the appropriate sites.  Thank you all for your support and we look forward to a year with a new album and plenty of live shows.