Thank You OC!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out in the heat Friday night and rallied with us!! You all made Cerebellion’s Return to the OC the amazing event it was!! Thanks to Black Snak, KassiusK, Siva, Haster, and eken is dead for killing it onstage!! And thank you to the film crews, our Merch girl, Malone’s, and everyone else who helped in making this special event happen!!


New Shirt Design Available!

If your Cerebellion shirt needs refreshing, we’ll have this brand new design available at the show tonight.

Updated Show Poster

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10 Days Away

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10 more days ’til we do this again…you with us?

New Picks

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8 PowerPoints!

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Power Play Magazine Reviews Regeneration

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Spreading the Music

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So AWESOME to see that people are digging the new tunes…means a lot to us! Thanks again to RockCentralHQ, Underrated rock bands(alt rock/metal, hard rock, nu metal, post-grunge), and all of the Cerebellious for your support.


Happy Regeneration Release Day!

It’s finally here and we couldn’t be happier. Regeneration has officially been released and is available at online retailers worldwide. If you happen to make a purchase on iTunes, Amazon or any other major retailer make sure to leave a review or comment. It helps us out by letting people not familiar with the Cerebellion discover what they are missing. We can’t say it enough but we appreciate all your support and the next thing we will be focusing on is getting out to put on some shows so we can get crazy with all of you.



Much Appreciation,
Joe, John, Jimmy, Marc

“Regeneration” Full Album Now Streaming!

Less than 1 week until our new album “Regeneration” is released worldwide. We can’t wait that long to share it with you so we are temporarily streaming the entire album online. Check it out and let us know what you think.