We’re hosting a live premiere of the “Savior” music video this coming Tuesday July 9th at 7pm PDT on Youtube at https://youtu.be/-rqt7wqQ66s! You can go to the premiere page now and ring the bell to get notified when it’s getting close! On July 9th at 7, the band (and we’re hoping the video producer/director team) will be on the page, in the chat with you live, while we all watch the music video together…you don’t have to wait if you want to start the chatter up now! You can get in there and drop a line at the live premiere page. The band will be in and out over the next 4 days to say what’s up as we lead up to the premiere. We hope to see you there on Tuesday! This is a special moment for the band and we think you’re really going to dig this video!